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Write to Boris Johnson

Yes Pollok are urging you to write a letter to our PM Boris Johnson to inform him that you STRONGLY disagree with his refusal of a second Independence Referendum.

The idea behind this campaign is to inundate his office with letters from the Scottish electorate with our feelings on his decision. This act of civil disobedience will help to show Boris that the Scottish people are ready to take action!

To make it easier we have written a letter below that you can use by downloading and adding your own details. Alternatively, you can create your own letter.

You can download the letter here, or copy and paste from below:


Your address

The Right Honourable Boris Johnson
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA

Dear Mr Johnson,

The 2014 Independence Referendum was won by Better Together on the basis of lies (The only way to guarantee continuing Scottish membership of the EU is to vote No.) and scaremongering (You will not receive your Retirement Pension if you vote for Independence.) There are many more examples which could be quoted. On that basis alone, the Scottish people demand and deserve Independence Referendum 2.

Since September 2014 the Scottish people have voted mandate after mandate for a second Referendum. This overrules any statement made by any individual politician. Individual politicians frequently make statements which cannot be taken at face value. On 2nd September 2019 in Downing Street you stated you would “…rather be dead in a ditch…” than request a further delay to Brexit. You did ask for an extension and you are not dead in a ditch. Why should Mr Salmond’s statement be taken any more seriously than your statement?

Further, a remark by a politician cannot be used to take away the right of the Scottish electorate to make its own decisions for an arbitrary period of time, be it a generation, a lifetime, thirty years, fifty years or eternity. Conditions change constantly and the Scottish people cannot be tied up and put in a box until someone outwith Scotland judges the time is right to let them out.

In the 2019 General Election the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party campaigned in Scotland on the single issue of “No to IndyRef2” and were soundly rejected by the Scottish electorate on that.
issue. The Scottish electorate emphatically endorsed Yes to IndyRef2.

The Scottish people are Sovereign in Scotland and will not be disenfranchised by you as the representative of an unequal and discredited Union. Therefore, I demand that an Independence Referendum is held at an early date to be agreed with the current First Minister of Scotland.

Yours faithfully

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  1. Thomas Ritchie

    I would be willing to start a new country along fairer lines and more just, aligned with the EU and not running to the US beck and call

  2. James McGahan

    His title sticks in my craw,he’s neither right nor honourable in any respect

  3. Anne Lindsay

    You may be under the misapprehension , that all of the people who have demonstrated, marched or commented, are SNP members. You are wrong. We are Scots from many different backgrounds who have witnessed the denegration of our nation, by the Westminster parliament. You are wrong to believe that you can ride roughshod over us with your disgraceful diatribe and dismissive attitude whenever we speak or show face.
    You are wrong to think that, if you ignore and call us names and lump us all together as just ‘jocks’, this will somehow plough you forward, knocking aside as you go and that you will become victorious in your quest to crush us. You are wrong. Because we are bigger and stronger than you believe we are. Many are not people affiliated to any party and some are. We are doctors, nurses, teachers, students, retired and unemployed. We are mechanics, electricians, accountants, architects,plumbers, out of work and employed. We are the hopeful and the despondent. We are the mothers and the fathers and the daughters and the sons of this nation who have had enough!

  4. Stuart allison

    I’m writing to you mr boris Johnson to remind you I’m a sovereign Scottish person. I am in favour of a second referendum on Scotlands future in this divided isles. Scotland was and in my opinion will be an independent country. Within a European context we as the sovereign people with to be free to choose our own destiny as you wish for the people in the south. I wish you well but please remember that this country Scotland was an independent country before and will be again.Fàilte a chàraid. (Howdy pal).

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